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The Secret to Planning the Perfect Road Trip

There’s something about planning a road trip that ignites universal excitement in all who seek escapism, spontaneity and adventure. Whether your journey takes you three days or three months, cross-country or cross-continent, a road trip is the perfect opportunity to relax, discover and appreciate the incredible world we live in.

But road trips can also be stressful and difficult to plan if you approach things with the wrong mindset. Read on to find out the secret behind planning the perfect road trip!

The Magic of Morocco

In February, my best friend Laura and I set off for the bustling North African hub of Marrakech. We were both optimistic about the experience, but we were also two young Irish girls alone in a culturally divergent city with only a few basic sentences of French and Arabic between us. As we had hoped, it turned out to be an amazing adventure and one I would recommend to anyone – leave yourself open to every experience, have common sense about things and I promise you will leave Morocco feeling the magic and wanting more!